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The HCP Trainee Workshop Program is currently closed and will be re-launching in the near future. If you would like to be contacted when the program reopens please email profedworkshops@olympus.com.

Olympus is excited to announce the launch of our new safe and effective use program dedicated to HCPs in training. This website provides you with a summary of our program and the steps necessary to request access to our training.

If your institution would like to partner with Olympus to educate “HCPs in training”, specifically residents, fellows, and nurses in training on the safe and effective use of Olympus products, please complete the form below including the kind of Olympus products you would like the participants to be trained on as well as your clinical purpose(s) and goals.

If you have additional questions regarding HCP Trainee Workshops, please email profedworkshops@olympus.com . Or for more information regarding our product lines click here.

For more educational opportunities please email profedworkshops@olympus.com.

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Ent Urology Gynecology
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Endoscopic Devices Endoscopic Imaging Ultrasound
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The purpose of this request is to seek a workshop regarding the care and handling of Olympus products to help ensure their safe and effective performance in a non-threatening, non-clinical environment to gain skills transferable to a clinical environment.*
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Note: Equipment must be stored upon receipt in a secured area. Olympus personnel assigned to the Workshop will inventory, unpack and set-up the equipment in advance of the workshop.

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