Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of grants are available through the OCA Grants process?

A. The Committee accepts grant applications as follows: support of medical education conferences, support of fellowships coordinated through medical societies, events or activities organized by independent third parties with a genuine medical education or patient-benefitting function relating to disease states, conditions and/or treatments for which Olympus products are used. Requests for support may be monetary and/or short term in-kind equipment loan support. Effective in 2017, the Committee also accepts requests for permanent product donations for training and educational facilities or purposes controlled or operated exclusively by medical and/or microscopy societies in the Americas, as well as for mission or philanthropic patient care coordinated exclusively through our preferred partner, Americares. If the Committee’s criteria change an update will be posted on our website.

Q. How does OCA define the term “educational grant”?

A. An “educational grant” is defined as: a voluntary payment in cash and/or in-kind equipment to support an educational program, event, or organization that is organized by an independent third party with a genuine educational function, without compensation, or the expectation of a fair market value payment in return.

Q. How will I know my initial registration and subsequent grant application(s) were received by Olympus Grant Coordinators?

A. You will receive an email acknowledgement confirming that you completed the initial one-time registration process as well as when you complete future grant applications. Please keep these communications for future reference, as knowledge of your application grant number is critically important to our process.

Q. Who at Olympus decides whether to approve or deny a grant application?

A. Only the Committee is authorized to review and approve grant applications. Consistent with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and Olympus’ policies, we do not permit sales or marketing personnel to participate on the Committee.

Q. Can Olympus representatives help with or submit grant applications on our behalf or otherwise promote our application?

A. No. Olympus representatives may be subject to disciplinary action for participating in any prohibited activities related to our grants process. Consistent with the AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics and Olympus’ Codes and Policies, our sales and marketing representatives may not prepare and/or submit grant applications on behalf of our customers, medical societies or other requestors, and have been trained that they must direct applicants to the information available on this website.

Please e-mail OCAGrants@Olympus.com with any additional questions or concerns.

Q. Can I save an application as a draft and complete it at a later time?

A. Yes. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer this functionality. To ensure that progress on the application has been captured in our database, please be certain to complete a full page before logging out of the site or stepping away from the application.

Q. If our organization’s application is denied, or the amount requested is reduced, can we reapply or seek an appeal?

A. No. The Committee does not approve multiple grants for the same event, activity or program, and does not offer an appeal process. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Q. We need Olympus product or equipment for our event, but missed the application deadline, received a denial from the Committee, or are otherwise ineligible for grant support from the Committee. Is there another way to seek the use of Olympus product or equipment for our event?

A. Yes. Olympus equipment or product may be available at a reasonable charge through our short-term equipment rental program. Contact your Olympus sales representative at the earliest possible opportunity for details and information about rental program offerings. In the absence of approved grant support, the rental program is the sole means of receiving equipment from Olympus.

Q. Will we be advised of the specific reason why our request for grant support was denied or reduced?

A. It is not our practice to provide specific feedback about determinations by our Grants Committee. The top reasons why requests for support are denied or reduced by the Committee include:

  • Apparent weak educational agenda or insufficiently robust programming
  • Venues such as golf resorts, theme parks or lavish resorts where programming and event marketing appears disproportionally geared to leisure time or social activities
  • Weak connection between event offerings disease states, conditions and/or treatments for which Olympus products are used
  • Event budget and supporting documentation contain insufficient detail , reflect large event profits, or indicate that expenses may be inconsistent with our compliance parameters
  • Requests that directly or indirectly reference past or future business opportunities or personal relationships with Olympus that could be perceived as attempts to unduly influence the Committee

Q. Our request is for (or our grant-related event includes additional) sponsorship opportunities. Where do we direct requests for those promotional opportunities?

A. Sponsorship opportunities are separate and distinct from our Grant Committee’s process. All requests relating to sponsorship opportunities at convention, conferences or other promotional event should be directed to exhibitopportunities@olympus.com. They will be routed to our appropriate business units for consideration. Examples may include; requests relating to exhibitor booths, tabletop displays, award category sponsorships, printed (or electronic) advertisements or similar opportunities.

Q. Is it possible to request grant support for an event in Latin America?

A. Yes, our Committee is currently accepting requests for monetary support for educational events in Latin America. For more information, please select Latin America on the appropriate region on our website's landing page.

Q. If our grant was approved last year, can we assume it will be approved this year?

A. No. The Committee reviews hundreds of grant applications each year and makes decisions on an annual basis. It may decide to fund different programs, activities and events.

Q. Who can I contact with questions regarding my grant application or the Olympus grants process?

A. If you have any questions regarding the Olympus grants application process, please contact the Grants Coordinator at ocagrants@olympus.com. Please refrain from directing any grant-related questions to Olympus sales or marketing personnel.