Olympus Grants
Welcome to the Olympus Grant Application site. On this page you will find valuable and time-saving information that is important to consider before applying for a grant from the Olympus Corporation of the Americas Grants Committee ("Committee.") This information is provided to clarify Committee criteria and to better explain the current offerings of our Grants program.

Please note - Registration and a complete grant application must be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the proposed event start date.

Our Commitments

In keeping with Olympus' commitment to high professional and ethical standards, the decision-making process for the Committee is guided by the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, as revised effective July 1, 2009. To learn more about governing principles and expectations relating to grant support, visit www.advamed.org or review Olympus' publication, "Keeping our Focus: Compliance Summary for Customers and Health Care Professionals." Important points include:

Commitment to Independent Decision-Making
  • The Committee does not make decisions based on the desire to generate goodwill from grant requestors or to reward past or future purchases, referrals or recommendations of Olympus products or services
  • All Olympus sales and marketing personnel receive specific training advising them to remain separate and apart from matters relating to grant requests. With the exception of limited circumstances when they might be asked to solicit input regarding an equipment-related grant request, Olympus personnel may not:
    • Initiate or promote grant requests on a behalf of a healthcare professional or microscopist
    • Assist a health care professional or microscopist in applying for a grant
    • Create any expectations or convey information of any kind regarding grant approvals or denials.

    We thank you in advance for respecting the integrity of our process.
Commitment to Transparency
  • Olympus adheres to state and federal laws requiring life science companies to track and report certain expenses related to interactions with health care professionals. Data pertaining to monetary and equipment support will be reported and published in accordance with the provisions of the Physician Sunshine Payment Act and similar legislation.
Our Committee's Parameters and Practices

The Committee focuses on providing support for genuine medical or microscopy educational functions or events in the Americas related to disease states, conditions and/or treatments for which Olympus products are used. Below please find additional information about our criteria and application requirements. Additional guidance is also available by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Committee is currently accepting applications for monetary and short-term in-kind equipment loan support for the following types of events:
  • Accredited and non-accredited medical or microscopy educational conferences, symposia and workshops open and advertised to qualified health care professionals or microscopists from multiple health care or microscopy institutions
  • Community health fair events that provide education or medical procedures at no-cost to eligible patient populations in the United States or Canada
  • Clinical fellowships coordinated by medical societies
  • Capital campaigns benefitting training and educational facilities operated exclusively by medical societies
The Committee is currently accepting applications for the following types of permanent product donations:
  • Permanent equipment donations for training and educational facilities or purposes controlled and operated exclusively by medical and/or microscopy societies in the Americas
  • Equipment or product donations associated with mission trips or philanthropic patient care coordinated exclusively through the Olympus Grants Committee's preferred partner, Americares.
The Committee does not currently support:
  • Research requests
  • Non-clinical fellowships
  • Clinical fellowships coordinated by universities, medical schools and/or teaching hospitals
  • Requests directly benefitting individual health care professionals or microscopists, or requests designed to solely benefit health care professionals or microscopists from a single institution, including institution-specific fellowships
  • Funds for travel, lodging, honoraria or meal expenses for any healthcare professional or microscopist
  • Requests to underwrite course expenses for health care professionals or microscopists
  • Charitable contribution requests from individual health care professionals, microscopists or health care facilities (e.g., golf outings, galas, capital campaigns and related fund-raising activities)
Application Requirements and Process Overview
  • Where to Apply: Applicants seeking grant support must apply exclusively through our online portal. Applications submitted by any other means will not be considered. North America applicants seeking grant support for events in Latin America must apply utilizing the Latin America Grants Portal. Please go to our main page and select the appropriate region and language. You will be directed to the appropriate application information and parameters.
  • When to Apply: The online registration process and application must be completed properly and submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the start date of the event for which support is requested.
  • Necessary Information to Apply for Medical Education Grants: For North American organizations, the Committee requires specific information about both requesting organizations and grant-related events or functions. Submissions must be received in English. Monetary requests and organizations' budget details must be represented in U.S. dollars. Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Click here for a helpful list of recommended details and documentation requestors may wish to have available before starting a grant application. Please remember that requests for exhibit space or sponsorship opportunities are not considered by our Committee and therefore should not be requested through grant applications. Contact exhibitopportunities@olympus.com to pursue those opportunities.
  • Meeting Cycle: The Committee meets every four (4) to six (6) weeks to review grant applications.
  • Committee Decisions are Final: The Committee reserves the right to deny applications or to adjust support levels in accordance with its discretion. The deliberation process is confidential and decisions cannot be appealed or revisited.
  • Olympus-issued Letter of Agreement Required: When grant support is awarded, both parties are required to execute Olympus' Letter of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of grant support. This document must be executed prior to the start of any grant-supported event.
  • Reconciliation: As specified in the Letter of Agreement, requestors are required to submit a reconciliation report within 90 days of their program's end date. Reconciliation data must be submitted through our online portal. Failure to complete the reconciliation process will jeopardize the status of pending and future grant request.
Guidance Regarding Our Online Application System
New users will benefit from the following tools:
On behalf of the Committee and Olympus Grants Administrators, thank you for your interest in our grants process.
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Please Note: U.S Applicants seeking grant support for events in Latin America will receive additional instructions upon application.